Twitter ye not!

Last week I ran across a posting in one of the forums from a ‘silver surfer’ who was experiencing problems with Twitter – lets call him ‘Mr Donut.’ Mr Donut had three basic problems

1. No one seemed to be reading his Twitter feed.
2. He could not write what he wanted to in 147 characters.
3. No one was reading his blog.

I emailed back saying that I could offer some advice then went to look at his Twitter feed and blog, and boy do I wish I had done it the other way round!

First off, Donut’s Twitter feed: 48 Tweets since he joined in 2009! He even waited a year to post his first tweet.

I checked my own Twitter feed and noted that I had racked up 3118 postings in the same time while regarding myself as only an occasional user of the platform.

To his credit Donut had found Twitlonger which had helped, but on checking the blog I found it was simply a page of undated HTML mainly soapboxing whatever issue Donut had uppermost in his mind. His blog contained no way to response to his posts, no reblogging tool and was a page on his site.

A lot of the Twitter feed was simply linking to an old fashioned sites where he posted unfunny jokes, videos and photos sent to him by friends. A lot of the stuff was downloads and I doubt that any followers that would be keen to d/l files from Powerpower and MS whole web pages.

It was no Holmesian feat of deducation to conclude that Donut was unaware of Tumblr, Facebook or even possible Google images and the notion of linking to the resources had not crossed his mind.

I did email Donut to offer advice, refreshing his picture and the look of his Twitter page, linking to other interesting sites and how get more followers but it was fairly obvious that all he really wanted to do was jump on his internet soapbox and was annoyed that the universe could not be reordered to enable that to happen.

Moral never assume your knowledge of the internet will be greater than the ignorance of some of it’s users.

Donut offered the thought that to get followers on Twitter you had to be either famous or a geek, I saw no reason to offend the old boy but here I will say, to get followers on Twitter, you have to say or offer something interesting and the internet in 1996 just ain’t it!