Ello and Goodbye!

ello2Ello has appeared as the new social network craze, first created as a private space but has since grown into a self-proclaimed “simple and beautiful” network 100% free and currently invite only.  Ello has gathered speed quite simply because so many people out there want to be able to claim they were the first, but add to that a significant number who have become tired of the way that Facebook supposedly invades their privacy and all the problems with trying to stay current on Twitter.

Ello claims to be free but a quick scrape beneath the surface suggests that it’s likely to have the same advert issues as it’s big brother – always assuming of course you can get yourself an invite. To be blunt, Ello has been swamped by the small percentage of social media users that wanted to try out the system.  It’s early popularity created a sort of benign DDOS that pretty much gummed up the works for the some days. Ello claim they are sorting it out, but lots of people will tell you they requested an invite days ago and are still waiting hopefully for Ello to say hello!

Ello claim they don’t want to be an “ad platform” like Facebook. Rather, they’ll be a space where everyone is protected from the advertising ogres of the world. Ello is spot-on that people generally hate ads, thing is though, they don’t hate them enough. People on Facebook and Twitter aren’t exactly jumping ship. Read more at http://www.business2community.com/social-media/ello-goodbye-ello-just-another-social-media-fad-01034402#mQV04zowTCykScxo.99