Every cloud?

So you don’t need online storage, lets see. How many of these can you answer yes to?

  1. Do you have more than 40GB of images, music and films stored on your PC?
  2. Is your PC the only place they are stored?
  3. Is your PC more than five years old?
  4. Do you rely on DVDs or CDs to make copies of important stuff?
  5. Do you avoid backing up because it’s a pain

If the answer to more than three of the above is yes, then it’s time you thought seriously about cloud or online storage.

What would be the impact if your PC failed today?

There are cloud solutions for all these problems ones which guarantee the safety of your files and documents. I can tailor a solution to your needs using either free or low cost application and provide you with a walk through for precisely what you need to do along with email and phone support for very little cost.