BT “Won’t someone please think of the children!”

BT Ireland logo (2005 - Present)

BT Ireland logo (2005 – Present) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s hard to argue againtst anything that helps to protect children online, but BT’s new network-level filter system will block access to sites promoting proxies and anonymisers as well as those promoting pornography and there are many good reasons why people want to surf the web privately that don’t include sex sites.

We learnt on Friday that  BT flicked the switch on its promised system to supposedly help to protect kids in the UK from sex/drugs/violence/etc online, in the hope of preventing regulatory meddling from Whitehall. Not good news for the ever growing body of people worried ab0ut how the net is being censored.  New subscribers will be forced to opt-out of BT’s censorship machine, while existing customers will be nagged to switch on the system early next year. The actual impact on the hard core illegal activities that this move is supposed to target will be effectively zero and driving the sites even further underground will only provide more profit-making opportunities for the porno producers.

In the meantime  me and people like me will continue to point out that if you can filter porn content at this level you can filter other content as well. Paranoid? Perhaps, I certainly hope so!